Impact on Volunteers

Not only do the residents and patients benefit from pet visits, but there is a great impact on the volunteers themselves. Here are some examples of the effect Pets on Wheels of Scottsdale has had on some of the volunteers and their pets.
Kathy Homes (Scottsdale) – “Sharing my beloved dog is the best volunteer position ever!” That about sums it up.
Kathy Sins (Phoenix) -“Thank you so much for Pets On Wheels. Some of my best memories with my Mom and my dogs are Pets On Wheels. It is a very important part of my life.”
Kathy (Phoenix) & Dorothy (Glendale) Sins “The program has given me special times to share with my mother, Dorothy. Where phone calls were our main contact, our therapy visits provide time during the week when we can be together. The times I share with my mother and pets are precious to me.”
Krista Sharp (Phoenix) "Pets on Wheels has brought so much joy and happiness to me and my families lives.”
Leslie Jones (Carefree) It is a wonderful program, founded in kindness to both man and animal. We are happy to be a part of it. Tak and I both look forward to seeing our friends on a weekly basis.”
Susan Smith (Scottsdale) “I am very proud to be part of this terrific organization and feel honored to be included among this great group of people and their pets. Over the years many notable experiences have opened my eyes to the nature of the human-animal bond. People and dogs are able to establish that bond because their basic desires are similar, although I don’t personally know too many people who wag their bottoms when you pat their heads.” [Susan’s Golden Retriever, Zach, shown above with some homeless children]
Lauren & Shari Testa (Scottsdale) “Its so great to help others and at the same time, include our wonderful pets. Our dog can’t wait to get to the nursing home and see his friends. Pets on Wheels is not only one of the most fun, but also, one of the most rewarding volunteer programs.”
Nancy Huber (Scottsdale) “It is very heartwarming to see the joy and love that the residents show my dog, Inky. Many of these people are lonely and forgotten, and the sight of this friendly dog, wagging her tail, makes their day.”
Laura Rockowitz (Scottsdale) Sharing our dog, with the residents allows me to spend quality one-on-one time with my children who accompany me, and most of all, the residents are a joy to visit.”
Nina & Tim Selling (Scottsdale) It’s hard to put into words the feeling we get when one of the silent, sad faces, all of a sudden, lights up. When Truman, my dog, gives them a kiss my eyes are full of tears. [They now have Zoey and Lola] We know there is no better place for us to be than to bring some joy and love to these people. Thank you for having us on your team. The Sellings and Lola are shown visiting with a resident.”
Terry Kraus (Scottsdale) “Through Ruby, my dog, and Pets on Wheels, my life was enriched . . . I am trying to gain perspective by remembering the good Ruby and I did for others. I will forever be grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this program.”
Chris Costa (Scottsdale) – [care giver to Earl Lay, who died in 2000] “I must tell you that Earl was so very proud of Max as a nursing home/senior center visitor. Pets on Wheels involvement was indeed among the top three things in the last few years of Earls life.”
Jane Aylott (Scottsdale) “I was grateful to receive Bennys service award plaque and shall hang it proudly in my new house in Victoria, British Columbia. I wish you and your splendid organization all the best, Neal, and hope that it continues to flourish.”
Julie Struble (Scottsdale) “Thank you for the experience. The residents and patients helped inspire me to pursue a career in occupational therapy.